Investing in the lives of women

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Help Women Become Champions of their Lives, Donate Today!!

Our mission is to help at-risk women to become Whole and Healthy.

Hope's Crossing is dedicated to being a one-stop resource center for women strivings to transition back to a healthy and sustainable life. Now more than ever, women and families are in need of a holistic approach to support services to address the variety of barriers they face to employment, affordable housing, emotional support, and community resources.

Over the past twelve years, Hope’s Crossing has been providing valuable resources, programs, and services to restore hope to women who are reclaiming their lives from the cycles of physical and emotional abuse, trauma, sexual assault, addiction, incarceration, and homelessness.

Your investment with Hope's Crossing will ensure that "No Woman Is Left Behind" while on her journey of healing and transformation.

A Tax break for you, empowers women to build a sustainable future. Thank you for your gift.

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